DFF: Hot dudes

Last week, KT kicked off our photo summary of the Disposable Film Festival. Now that I've set the stage, I'm presenting a series of photos of the event this week starting with some of the hot guys who attended.

You probably already know Steve from the SFBGuardian and his bright red bike. (I have a vague recollection that it used to be pink and fuzzy.) With him is Carlton, one of the event organizers.

Here, KT is shooting a cutie on suped-up beach bike with monkey bars. The classic dress shirt and slacks suggest he just came from work.

I don't know about you, ladies, but when I look at this face, a little voice in my head calls out "will you be the father of my babies?"

OK, ditto for the next two. If they get cuter, I probably can't take it.

Also, love the sports coat, dress shirt, tie and jeans....
* Today, I am the most in love with this one.

Hello, James Dean (again -- KT found a different one in her photo stream)....

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Trisha said...

Love a man on a bike! these are great.