San Francisco Bike People

Here we have Jill Bittner. Jill and her bubbles make everyone happy! My youngest wants a bubble machine on his bike now.

This happy man is Paul Freedman (aka the Fossil Fool) of Rock The Bike. We have not really met, but I love to watch him live what he sells- a way of life that is inclusive, creative and passionate. Gotta love it!

The handsome man in the red shirt is Andy Thornley of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. We met at a neighborhood bike plan meeting a bit ago. I like seeing him outside of City hearings : )

What can I say about Amandeep and his trikeasaurus? OK. I can say, FABULOUS! My daughter can not get enough of him and calls him the "Party Guy". What else would you call a guy who brings the party with him everywhere?


Mom said...

Nice post, A.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Thank you! It is an easy subject : )