20th and Capp

Years ago, this little intersection was a hub for a rather unsightly form of entertainment. The city renovated the adjacent park and put a community garden there to increase the community's feeling of connection to public space. However, gentrification is probably more the reason for the spot's shift.

Capp is a great little street to ride your bike down. It isn't an official bike route, but it's very close to Mission, quiet, straight, flat and the pavement is pretty good. Perfect San Francisco Victorians line a good bit of it. I saw a couple Voguers here recently, but what I like most about those photos is how much they look like San Francisco as opposed to any other city.

Here, she rides with green skirt flowing in the wind, boots and shoulder bag below a row of Victorians at various levels of "improved."

This guy rode in a blue dress shirt and slacks, baseball cap and backpack.

Of course, I wish he wouldn't ride on the sidewalk.

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Adrienne Johnson said...

I lived at that intersection in the hooker/ crack days. My mother did all of the leg work to get the Stop sign there, and the SWAT team used our apartment as a surveillance point to bust the dealers and the prostitutes. That was one of the things that allowed the playground to be redone a couple of years after we left. It is soooooo much better there now.