It's Sunday Streets! Mission Style!

Sunday Streets came back around! You missed it? What are you, nuts? Oh well, here is a bit of the street love you missed!

This is what Valencia street was made for!

It isn't just about bikes. It is about having room to live without fear, without pollution, without being shoved off our own streets.

Sunday Streets is about taking back our City so this little girl can grow.

Of course, it is also so I can take pictures of fabulous women on bikes! : )


Horace said...

It's happening again in the Mission on July 19th.

Kristin Tieche said...

Great series of pics, GF!

Adrienne Johnson said...

KT- thank you! It was a bit like the proverbial fish in the barrel : )

Horace- Yep!! And I will be out grabbing up all the shots I can!