Oh! Canada!

Back in the day when Dubya was still Prez, I often took off to the Great White North in search of a spouse and liberation from the Bush Regime (plus, I kinda like Poutine). Then I found this online personals site developed by some of our benevolent northerly neighbors designed specifically for single liberal folk just like me. Needless to say, I finally decided to stick it out and fight the good fight here on the home front.

And now, even though we have the hottest Prez in history, I no longer seek liberation (universal health care, maybe). But boy oh boy, I'm still drawn to those Canucks based on their hotness alone (especially the ones on bicycles).

And in Vancouver, they abound.

another hot canuck
Contemplating his beauty on the Sea Wall.

hot canuck on robson st. 2
Making connections on Robson Street.

Ah, those West End Boys can call me anytime!

I debated jumping off my bike and curling up next to him.

strike a pose on the Drive
This gent is actually the Bike Man Ben of Vancouver. He offers mobile bike repair. Forgive his fluorescent jacket. It started pouring down rain shortly after this pic was snapped. At least he matches his tires.


Joe said...

I had a wonderful time when I was in Vancouver in 2006 on business. I hated not having a bike, but I made the best of my time visiting Granville Island, Sunset Beach Park and Stanley Park as well as Gastown. Even the downtown area was beautiful. Just a jewel of a northern city.

Great to meet you on the last Tweed ride as well.....Joe.

Kristin Tieche said...

Hey Joe! Yes, that was a great time! You looked incredibly dapper!

Elisa M said...

Yummy! I may need to go to Canada soon...

Velouria said...

Oh! Very nice! And I quite like the idea of the American liberal as the new mail order bride.

ME said...

Wow KT you've really got an eye for Canadians! ;)

Toronto Furniture Rental said...

Nice! And Mobile repairs, what a clever way to make money! I too love bike around and enjoy the company of other bikers on my way to work and back. It really is the best way of transportation in the world, no matter what everyone else says ;)

Take care, Ella

Kristin Tieche said...

Ella, everyone here will agree with you that cycling really is the best way of transportation in the world!

Thanks for your comments, everyone!