VV Profile: Adam Rocks the Bike

Name: Adam Pastana
Occupation: Biker Rocker
Hometown: Penryn, CA
SF neighborhood:
Inner Sunset
Helmet or no helmet: Bare Melon
Type of bike: Yuba Mundo!
Describe what you like best about your bike: People carrying abilities
Describe your cycling experience in SF: Rough, rugged and raw
Favorite time or place to ride: Panhandle B-Ball Courts
Favorite color: O-range
Artist most commonly played on iPod at the moment:
Describe your personal style: Like a cold drink on a hot day

...:::ROCK the BIKE:::...

Rock the Bike is a innovative, clean energy company with a diverse product line of human powered products and stylish accessories. Our most important Products include;

-- Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike -- Great for carrying extra people and cargo like ice chests for picnics, groceries and anything else you can imagine.

-- Down Low Glow -- Bright neon lighting that gives you and your bike more than adequate visibility from all sides (especially from the side which is where most automobile-bike collisions occur).

-- Fender Blender -- Simply the Worlds finest bicycle blenders made for you right here in the bay area.

Our services at Rock the Bike are mainly doing Pedal Power for events/concerts and also bicycle customization including live sound so you can roll down the street sharing your favorite music with the neighborhood.


spiderleggreen said...

from look at another of your recent posts, it seems that in SF, hauling bikes must be orange? not complaining though. they look great.

cycle coaching UK said...

Theres nothing wrong with an orange cycle! I've got two! :-)