going to market

market st. flip flops
It's one of the most highly bike-trafficked streets in SF, and one of the most un-bike-friendly! But we bike commuters go at twice daily to and from work.
I try to have conversations with other cyclists, but I'm often too afraid that any distraction might cause a collision with a pedestrian, the Muni, a taxi, a delivery vehicle, a tour bus or car door. So I stick to photography. ;-)
black skirt market street 1
A tourist once asked me if it was safe to bike Market Street. My response: "There's definitely a system. And you figure it out quickly!"


kfg said...

These photos make me curious about one thing:

What gear is the guy on the single speed in?

Adrienne Johnson said...

The one he has : )

kfg said...

There's one in every crowd. Usually it's me.

If that guy lived in my neighborhood he would run the real risk of someday finding his bike with a new decal on the downtube (the peely kind, I'm not a vandal). It would be a gear lever position scale, with every position marked "1".