Tally-ho Tweed! (pt. 1)

I finally made it to my first Tweed Ride! Thanks to our stylish and sexy pal Colin for organizing once again!

I arrived a tad late, so I missed the show by the Derailleurs, but I found a great slideshow online from the SF Weekly.

tweed group photo
After the show, all the beautiful people got a chance to meet and greet and strike a pose.

red tweed skirt
This was kind of a Vélo Vogue paradise!

argyle skirt gal
Tweed, plaid and argyle never looked so good.

chatting at the park
Fine looking people have fine conversations.

let's start the ride
And then, the ride began... more to come!


Dottie said...

Awesome tweedy outfits!

Velouria said...

Gorgeous photos of the tweed ride; looks like a wonderful time!

Anti-Houndstooth said...

Awesome! And no houndstooth!!!

Kristin Tieche said...

@Anti-H: So relieved to hear that you approve! ;-)