kt on the road pt. 1

In Anchorage, I stayed at the Anchorage Guest House, where I rented a mountain bike for $5/hour and took a spin on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail before I was cooped up on the MS Veendam for several days sans bicyclette (apart from spin classes with Flavio). So here's a glimpse from that beautiful morning ride!

Anchorage Away!

Panda Anchorage 2

red panda anchorage

Anchorage Bike Shadow


Adrienne Johnson said...

You know, KT, I hear that the guy to gal ratio up north is in your favor... maybe you should look into employment opportunities in Anchorage : )

Kristin Tieche said...

To quote Lilia, "In Alaska, they say the odds are good, but I found that the goods are odd."

Kristin Tieche said...

I prefer Canadians! ;-)

Adrienne Johnson said...

We are a cute bunch! : )