The Tweed Will Go On (pt. 2)

joe and adrienne
By far my favorite pic of the evening, not just because my friends Adrienne and Joe are seen here looking fine, but more importantly for the snide smirks on both their faces.

argyle skirt lexington
Here's a nice angle on argyle.

penny farthing 1
Um... would someone roll out the red carpet for this chap on his Penny Farthing? In my opinion, the star of the show.

chap with pipe
I think I should have been born a few decades ago, because I wouldn't mind seeing pipe-smoking, tweed-suited men on every corner of SF.

smart suited gal
Another great outfit, and another great bike. The ride will go on...


Unknown said...

As I remember San Francisco of a few decades ago there was pipe smoking on every corner but very little tweed wearing.

Kristin Tieche said...

Yes, I prefer the tweed-wearing kind! ;-)

'Xander Labayen said...

a very saucy sexy and a bit stoosh photo collection full of tweed!

Luv it..