Don't Stop Til You Get Enough [Tweed] (pt. 4)

patricia 1
I ran into the lovely Patricia again on the ride, wearing a pretty houndstooth mini-skirt with red tights. Yowza! (I believe that's exactly what Sir Colin was thinking as he was caught sneaking a peek here.)

bloomers smile
If his and hers awards were to be given that night by me, then this lovely bloomer-clad lady definitely would have earned it big time.

bloomers and shoes
And if the bloomers were not enough, get a load of her shoes!

foxy adrienne
Adrienne's got the look and knows how to give one, too.

james smile
Equal time must be given to Adrienne's vested hubby James.

tandem tweed!
Double the Tweed on a tandem!

And I'll end this series with a woman who epitomized the Vélo Vogue/Cycle Chic trend for me that night. A class act, indeed.


Charlotte said...

Wow, I love the tweed tandem!

MELI. said...

wow that woman, lovely redhead & those bloomers. Great photos KT, we should all get a triple tandem next time and take turns. trouble!!!

Kristin Tieche said...

Meli - I'm in! Let's do it! ;-)

C - Thanks, come ride with us sometime!

Velouria said...

Don't stop, I could never get enough of the tweed photos! Those striped bloomers are amazing, and I love the moustache bars on AJ hubby's bike.