she makes it look so easy

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When I tell out of towners that I bike all over town, this is the image that usually comes to mind. I'm sure you've all heard it before ("You bike SF? What about all the HILLS?")

Piece of cake! ;-)


kfg said...

"What about all the HILLS?""

Either you find a route around them or you find a route over them.

Do these question start getting harder as we get closer to the million dollars, or can I just start planning on how to spend it now?

Adrienne Johnson said...

Hills? Who cares about hills? It is all about WIND, baby! That wind will kill you!

Kristin Tieche said...

People who don't live in SF don't know about the wind. But I totally agree with you, AJ! That @*&%$#!!! wind!

kfg said...

"People who don't live in SF don't know about the wind."

One word: Chicago.

I have seen people online opine that "Of course it's practical to ride a one speed in Chicago. The damned place DEFINES flat."

Yo! It's the WINDY Frickin' City.

Kristin Tieche said...

@kfg - I was just in Chicago, and fortunately didn't experience the famous wind! But I've heard about it! Today in SF, we are supposed to experience 60-70 mph gusts!

jackie m said...

she'd look better if she were actually wearing that helmet.