vancouver girls

Yes, I've neglected to point out that Vancouver girls on bikes are also quite chic...

nice pedi!
... all the way down to painted toenails.

bike|skate|date 1
In fact, they're so cute men must grab hold of them as they whiz by!

Pretty, pink and pinwheeled.

cute canuck
With friendly Northern smiles.

80s look on Granville
It's back to the 80s on Granville Street.

Looks like I've got some stiff competition up there, eh?


kfg said...

"they're so cute men must grab hold of them as they whiz by!"

If this is both true AND socially acceptable I just might have to move there.

Kristin Tieche said...

It's tempting, ain't it?

kfg said...

That and being a fan of Rodrick Haig-Brown makes it almost irresistible.

Of course being a bit of a conservationist myself I practice catch and release; and extend the same courtesy to the salmon as well.

Courtnee said...

I love the pinwheel--I haven't thought about one of those in years. Now I want one too!

Velouria said...

I would not dare get on my bike without painted toenails, Dahling. Glad the girls in Vancouver are equally sensible.