le plat pays qui est le mien

kt sunset panda 3
The Great Highway - one of the few famed streets of San Francisco that has absolutely no hills (Mind you, there are hills on each end, but for 3.5 miles, it's flat all the way!)

le belge 3
Say hi to Boris, my friend from Belgium who was in town last week. On Sunday we took a spin through the Park, all the way out to the beach, just in time for a fantastic sunset.

For eight years I lived two blocks from this beach, and despite the rumors about there being no sunset in The Sunset, I beg to differ.

le belge 1
To debunk the myth, I've got Boris here as my witness.

kt sunset panda 2
Sunsets and old friends make me happy! :-)


Gabriela Sosa said...

WOW - I've heard about Boris for 20 years now & i finally get to see him, or at least a splice of his face.
Salut Boris!!!

Kristin Tieche said...

Oh yeah! He's even better in real life! I'll send him down to LA for a visit next time he's in Cali!!!