the his and hers of cycle chic

A couple cyclists in this bunch caught my eye one morning commute (as a matter of fact, hats off to all of them)!
market street fashion

His: Dark denim jeans, plaid cotton shirt, fire engine red socks, polished brown leather dress shoes (and cutie in a hat in front of him).
cute boy red socks

But really, it's all about the socks.
red socks nice shoes

Hers: Flowing, layered skirt in shades of violet with cool helmet and black pumps.
great flowy skirt

That's the way we do it!
flowy skirt cool pumps


kfg said...

Second picture of a bright red mixte I've seen today (the other's at CCC).

I want one.

Kristin Tieche said...

Mixties rock!