VV Profile: Susan King

Occupation: Sunday Streets Coordinator
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Bike: Specialized Crossroads
What I like about my bike: the stickers! and the plastic basket with flowers :)
Cycling in SF: I go almost everywhere on my bike, it is my favorite mode of transit. Most of my biking is to work and other destinations in my life, though my favorite recreational ride is to the beach, which I try to do at least once a month.
Time and place to ride: everyday, though I especially enjoy evening rides on those rare warm San Francisco nights.
Color: Green! Period Green (also my birthstone)
Bike Fashion accessory: I prefer skirts with bike shorts under them when it is warm enough for skirts.
Artist most commonly played on iPod: well, I don't have an iPod, but one of my fave bike tunes is Bike with no Handle bars by the Flobots. My fave rocking biking song is Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses.
Personal Style: "Slightly disheveled", I've incorporated this into an overall look that I am comfortable with. Usual attire: Jeans (new fave style, peg leg, slim, med-low rise Levis), pearl button cowboy shirt, pointy boots or sneakers (depends on mood and where I need to be), blazer or hoodie (or both). Also, skirt with aforementioned bike shorts, blouse, sneakers and socks if I can get away with it (Sun Sreets days, for instance), Mary Janes if not.
Velo Vogue tip of the day: Everything is better with Bacon! Oh, you mean fashion tip? Really, don't ask me for fashion advice, if given, do the opposite - you'll be fine.

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The Reader said...

I don't have an Ipod either and I've managed to stay alive..I mean abreast to the latest tunes. Having an ipod is too expensive.