a bicycle serenade

While in Ipanema, I saw this guy fixing bikes on the sidewalk (the Bike Man Ben of Rio?). Seeing as how I serendipitously ran into more of my brethren, I asked him if he would take a picture of me with my bicycle.

Instead he gave me a song.

He mentions his band (which is supposedly on myspace) at the end of his song, but unfortunately Eu não falo português, so if someone can chime in with a translation, muito obrigada!


Rodrigo Nery said...

That was sooome Dude Kristin!! I´m a newcomer to your blog and loved to see this. Well I live in São Paulo, I don´t know you but I love bikes. Here´s your translation out of the oven.

I know Kristi is a panther
yes she is
I got really into her thing
Yes I did
With this grand smile
and this sensual body
She is beautifull as a flower
And she looks like a goddess of love
I´ll be your enchanted prince
and on a silver stallion
will conquer your love

The rhymes are better in portuguese

See ya


Julz said...

I think that his 'group' or favourite group: (samba style)


Demais!... his song was about 'my goddess of love'! :)

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, pals! I have been laughing out loud. Little did I know! Cycling happily into oblivion in Ipanema!