DIY Cycle Chic

When I was very young my mother taught me all of the basics of making clothes. By the time I was 4 I was very adept at threading her sewing machine and making button holes with it. I still remember the smell of her sewing machine oil and to this day it is one of my favorite scents. She also taught me how to knit and crochet. Those are the skills I followed through with, mostly because it was easier for me to acquire the tools needed to create all kinds of things. Most recently, I have made myself skirts to ride in the colder seasons.

In the knit category, we have my brown "tweed' skirt. It has little bits of orange and metallic silver in it.

I Knit My Own Tweed

In the crochet corner, I just finished a twirly skirt. It is made with a bamboo and wool blend yarn. Bamboo bikes, bamboo skirts.... I sense a theme.

My New Skirt

Now, I just need to knit myself a bike. Heck, they make bamboo yarn, so why not?


Otto Cilindri said...

You'd have to get Steel Wool, but I don't think aluminum wool or titanium wool is an effective substitute.

Adrienne Johnson said...

If we are to take this to its logical conclusion, it would have to be a carbon fibre blend. The carbon is nice and flexible until it is treated.

Anonymous said...

Neat handlebar bag. I wonder what that is.

Charlotte said...

Love your skirts, good work!

Imperial Black said...

love the site. Ready to start work on some knit goods for us??

Adrienne Johnson said...

Anon- Acorn bags

IB- I would be happy to teach anyone who wants to learn. I am also open to knits on commission : )

Christa said...

Love, love her skirt!!

MELI. said...

these are super awesome Ade!!
need some stich-n-bitch (and draw for me) sessions soon luvz /m