Salvador - Bless This Bicycle

There's this fantastic festival in the city of Salvador de Bahia in Northeastern Brazil called Lavagem do Bonfim. Everyone dresses in white and follows their favorite bloco from the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Cidade Baixa 9 kilometers to the Igreja do Bonfim (Church of Good Endings) where the the steps of the church are washed in honor of the Senhor do Bonfim (who is either Jesus or Oxalá, or both, depending on how you look at it).

It was a long and hot walk. Probably a bit more pleasant to do by bike! Like this Rasta man.
Rasta Bike Man

He's tying these wish ribbons to his bicycle, perhaps in hopes that he and his bicycle meet a Good End, but more likely to celebrate the festa!
Blessed Bicycle

I met these dudes who get together once a month in Salvador for a group bike ride. Today they rode with the procession and cooled down with some cervejas.
KT & Salvador Bike Dudes

A cold beer after a ride on a hot day? A common bond among cyclists worldwide!
Salvador Bike Dudes

That's what I call a good end!
Brazilian bike

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