your wednesday needs some hot dudes

Gwen's Fashion Show
From SF by dustinj. This hottie was modeling at the 2009 SF Bike Expo Fashion Show.

Vera Velo #2.4
From the Netherlands by Daydreamer HQ. Men who bike are also strong.

IMG_2596 look away
From Toronto by Xander N'Dante. Uber-cuteness right down to the green boots!

Will and friend
From Chicago by Steven Vance. Riding a girl on the back of your bike makes you an instant stud.

Kick Back
From SF by Adrienne Johnson. Hanging out at bookstores makes you also appear intellectual.

London Critical Mass June 09 16
From London by Funny Cyclist. Showing skin... nuff said.

And now... a couple two-fers!

From LA by Cosmoblue. The guy in grey looks like he's puckering up for a kiss!

And from SF by little ol' moi. There were a few hot dudes to be seen on Dan's party bike that night, and many more to be seen in our flickr photo pool, as well as the new blog (no connection) Hot Dudes On Bikes.


Lady Vélo said...

The fella carrying the bike - nice photo indeed!

Always nice to see stylish men on bikes :)

Emily said...

Oh if only the men without wheels attached to them would take note as well! Sigh...

Kristin Tieche said...

@Emily - agreed! These hot dudes turn heads!