Va De Bike!

This is it. My last post about my visit to São Paulo, so if you haven't been inspired yet by these amazing urban cyclists, here's your chance!

Va De Bike!
We've got Renata Falzoni here pointing out the phrase that runs through the veins of every bike advocate in every city I've ever visited: Go by bike! It's so simple, and yet, we often must fight so hard to do just that.

Felipe Aragonez, Bike Reporter 4
And here's Felipe Aragonez, Bike Reporter in action! In this picture, he's calling into the radio station to report on traffic conditions from the bike lane. (And coincidentally, the car behind him belongs to another reporter from the TV station reporting from the same corner!)

Renata & Felipe
Oi Renata! Oi Felipe!

Meet Laura, Ana and Carlos! Three SP bike advocates whom I had the pleasure of getting to know at Renata's house. They were busy at work doing a photo shoot for a calendar of famous cyclists posing nude avec bicyclette due out later this year. I can't wait to see it!

Velolove necklace
Ana gifted me this fantastic necklace that her friend makes. I wore it day and night for the rest of my trip in Brazil.

Oh, and this is all you get to see from the photo shoot. Sorry. These are the feet of a tall, gorgeous blonde volleyball player who also happens to be a bike advocate in São Paulo.

I guess you had to be there.

Or buy the calendar.

Or go to SP and be inspired for yourself.


Gabriela Sosa said...

LOVE THE <3 the bike NECKLACE!
I want one!

Loving the Bike said...

Hi....I just came across your site. Nice job. Really liked today's post and the cyclists mantra that you found. Awesome.

Julz said...

The calendar idea is great. Necklace is 'muito linda'. It was nice to see on the news an updated cycle lane in SP. (http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/SaoPaulo/0,,MUL1517547-5605,00-CICLOVIA+DE+SP+VAI+GANHAR+PASSARELA+DE+ACESSO+PERTO+DA+PONTE+ESTAIADA.html)

Kristin Tieche said...

@Julz - "Ops!
página não encontrada"

That's great that there's a new bike lane in SP - would love to check out the article.

Julz said...

sorry, found some videos on Youtube:



xoxo :P

Kristin Tieche said...

Otimo! Obrigada!

Carlos Alkmin said...

Hi everyone! I'm one of the photographers involved in this project.

The calendar is finally printed, 1000 units each version and it's already on sale on-line.

For those who are curious, see: http://www.bit.ly/comonussentimos.

Although the site is in portuguese, you'll certainly understand the purpose of the protest through the images. "Como Nus Sentimos" is a peculiar phrase construction meaning "How Naked Do We Feel" (to face the traffic). The correct word for "we" is "nos", not "nus" (naked, in portuguese), but we pronunciate almost the same.

This march 10 we'll have its launch party, in trendy Vila Madalena neighborhood - Sao Paulo - Brazil. Details: www.ciclobr.com.br

Thanks Kristin for your cooperations with some of the most funny making-of pics!