Sunday Streets Newbie

That would be me. The Newbie. Welcome to my first Sunday Streets.

Somehow I was out of town or working or something stupid and missed all previous years' street parties! Never again!

downtown SF
We were in luck with warm, sunny weather!

big wheels
Young and old came out to play!

bubble lady
The magic of San Francisco came alive!

so... anyway... it was like this...
I got to ride around with Úna, by far the coolest girl in the world.

KT & Meli take a ride
Meli and I took it easy in the back of a pedicab!

the badass girls 1
Lilia, Úna, Adrienne, Meli & KT.

A great day to be with a great group of gal pals in our great city!


MELI. said...

YAY such an awesome sunny day with the good peeps out. lovely girls and bikes. couldnt ask for much more
so lucky to know you all lovelies <33

muaahhh! xo.m

Kristin Tieche said...

Muah right back at ya, GF!! Twas a wonderful day with great friends.