Wardrobe Challenges

I have been without my Bat this week. Instead, I have been riding my 27 year old Raleigh mixte around the city. Unlike my Batavus, the mixte has no chain or skirt guards. As a result, I have had to eschew my usual wide leg trouser style pants and pull out my skirts and knickers to keep my clothes out of the chain.


It has not been warm enough for my more casual skirts so I have had to pull out my warmer, wool stuff. The result has been that I end up dressed a bit more formally than I would on a day where I have no appointments to keep or business to do.

With Me

It has been shocking that my bike has forced me to dress better! My Bat allows me to wear anything without thinking about it. There is nothing for my pant legs to get stuck in or my skirt to catch on (it is very interesting to come to an intersection to find that your skirt has caught quite firmly around your rear brakes).

Shirt Sleeves In February

For the short time it was warm this week, I discovered the joy of having a lighter weight bicycle. When the warm weather hits in force later this year, I will be riding my mixte more to save energy. An excuse to beef up my skirt wardrobe I guess : )

Do you find your wardrobe choices change according to what kind of bike you ride?


Oldfool said...

My plan is to wear what I feel like. I don't venture out in my kilt here though for fear of being stoned to death.
You look great in fact better than great. Why women choose pants instead of skirts and dresses I'll never understand but then I don't understand why men wear what they do either. Things like ties, drab suits and Pants.

Kristin Tieche said...

I've said it before... the second pic here makes me think 007!

antonis liokouras said...

wonderful style in all three photos

Velouria said...

Definitely. Some of my skirts and coats are made of very flowy, fluttery material that tends to go straight into the spokes unless I am riding a bike with a dressguard. I almost never wear pants, but if I do, I make "knickers" out of them by rolling them up.

I too am looking forward to riding my lighter mixte once spring is truly here. My Pashley makes an excellent winter bike, but I am ready for a change!

Anonymous said...

the whole rear rim brake catching skirts/long coats thing always made me hesitate when it came to those types of clothes. Is there a solution other than changing the type of brakes?
right now I have a coaster brake bike, so its not a problem. but its pretty hard to find those in good quality, so this brake thing definently an issue for most people, and definently for lots of women i've met

Adrienne Johnson said...

OF- Kilt pictures, please!!!!

KT- I spy with my little eye...

antonis- Thank you.

Velouria- I am thinking of making dress guards for SAM. We shall see.

Annon- I use pins to keep my fuller skirts in order. I almost never ride in a coat, let alone a long one.

Lady Vélo said...

1st I've gotta say - you look wicked in your outfits - fantastic style!

I only have the one bike (A Pashley I got yesterday), so with the chain being covered etc, I'm not sure that my wardrobe will be affected by it. I'm hoping to wear whatever I want on it - especially when the weather picks up in London.

Lady Vélo.