Bike Wardrobe Remix: Goodbye Summer

The Bike Wardrobe Remix is back after a six week, end of summer hiatus.  Here's lovely dose of real people and their bikes.  Enjoy!   And don't forget to send us your BWR photos, we love you!
Pretty Little Picture
4th September 2010

4th September 2010
My very first set of pin curls....
Scarf- Vintage
Top-Valley Girl
Belt- Vintage
Pants- E
Shoes- Andrea Biani
UNIFORM natural
first day of school fall 2010

first day of school fall 2010
back to teaching today!
t-shirt: correll correll
necklace: UNIFORM natural
jeans: gap
belt: very old, ?
cardigan: target
shoes: boutique 9
backback: baggu
jacket: nau
helmet: bern
bike: voodoo
I hope to have a new-to-me bike soon! will make my 5+ mile (each way) ride so much easier.
Veronica Fraticelli by Kristen Hove
Black´n ´white again- photo by Kristin Hove

Black´n ´white again- photo by Kristin Hove
Skirt: Topshop
calivintage: brown bike

calivintage: brown bike
hat: vintage felt hat from mars mercantile
dress: vintage dress from we move vintage
belt: loulou de la falaise wolf head belt i got from qvc a couple years back
oxfords: vintage italian leather cut out oxfords from the fad popup shop
bike: vintage raleigh superbe
northwest is best
Heritage biker

Heritage biker
Borrowing my mother's bike.
Top - Laura Ashley via charity shop
Fifties skirt - vintage
Brogues - Topshop
Lulu Letty
Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Once more unto the breach, dear friends
Lulu Letty
Vintage tweed jacket & vintage pheasant blouse: from mother in law
Vintage riding breeches: Etsy, Black Rock Vintage
Canvas & leather riding boots: J.Crew, via eBay
Messenger bag: Longchamp, via eBay
Vintage bicycle: Millicent
Baked and Wired

Baked and Wired
Outside of Baked and Wired (a coffee shop in Washington D.C.) a pretty pink bike is parked. I always sit on it when I visit. I don't stay for long though, the aroma of tasty cupcakes calls me away. Baked and Wired has the best iced confections. My favorite flavor is strawberry!
Dress: Anthropologie
Necklace: Ruche
Heels: vintage
Gloves: vintage


northwest is best said...

Oh look! There's me. Thanks Velo Vogue! I think Lulu Letty is my favourite of the above. She looks just dandy.

MELI. said...

what a fantastic set!! such loveliesssss <3

eva.lu said...

great selection! Sooo inspiring!

Tato Berres said...

I don't think InBugsDrawers could ride with that bicycle. I mean, besides the color, there is the fact that tires don't have any air.