Dog Days of Summer

No helmet. No leash. (I'm not advocating, just documenting.)
Girl & Dog

As Mikael puts it, Style Over Speed.
Girl & Dog

Hope you're all enjoying the hot weather!
Girl & Dog


Anonymous said...

why not advocate the use of helmets and save a life ,be brave and say to this woman you are foolish at the least for what your doing .

Kristin Tieche said...

Because it's a personal choice! :-) Not my call at all!

jet said...

wow, do you think the dog knows what those white lines on the road mean?

PS I'm with you on helmets being a personal choice, unfortunately here they are compulsory!

Cully_J said...

I'm absolutely amazed that she can respectfully(?) bike while wearing a skirt.

I'm a big advocate of bicycle helmets because wearing one save my life. She should, at least, be wearing a white one to match her skirt!

[p.s. I always get "skirt" and "dress" mixed up. Skirt's only thigh length, right?

Cully_J said...

I'm amazed that she can cycle respectfully(?) while wearing a skirt!

Jet,where do you live?

Kristin Tieche said...

I like to ride respectfully and disrespectfully in skirts and dresses, helmet or no helmet, depending on mood and occasion.

And jet - where do you live? I was informed that helmets are mandatory in Vancouver when I was there last week.