Happy Birthday To Me

What better way to celebrate than in the company of some Hot Dudes!
Pedicabbing in Uptown!
The MacDaddy of Pedicabs, I must say.
Photo by whiterice

day1606 mon09aug2010
Little dog in BIG basket. :-D
Photo by a.pic.a.day

cycling surfer dude
eva.lu brings us SoCal surfer dudes! Thanks, GF!

2010-07-Masa Critica BsAs-Felix Busso-338
Calling the Masses in Buenos Aires
Photo by Felix Busso

Suitable for City Living
Oh hai, Kristin, wait let me put my earpiece in.
Thanks, Mikael!

Hey KT - I wrote this song for you!
Gracias, carlosagh!

The Right to Bare Arms
Cape Cod Cycles Chic and Sleeveless, thank heavens.
Photo by JoeMBPro

Anyone who can do trix like this is way HOT.
Photo by David R Munson


Lady Vélo said...

1st - happy (belated) birthday! The first picture is amazing on so many levels. The picture of the Pug in the basket has mealted my heart so baaaaad!

And of course - HUZZAH for hot dudes on bikes. This always gets my vote! x

Cameron Adams said...

Wishing you another year of joy and good cheer!
Leigh, Cameron and Biscuit

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, velo friends!