l'amour à vélib'

It all starts with a little flirtation at a red light.

Then he'll whisk you off on the back of his bike to a romantic corner of the city where you've never been before.

Then, after a fabulous four-course meal, he'll charm you as you gaze upon the lights on the Seine.

(This couple was out on their bicycles at about 2 a.m. right in front of Notre Dame. One great benefit of the Vélib' program is that you can take a bike to get around town even after the last metro.)


Anonymous said...

Using the same words as Tiago from Ride 'N Desire who e-mailed me this post: "Amazing!"

You happened to photograph him and his wife on his 1950's Flying Pigeon!

We rode together when I was in Paris this summer and conducted this 'little' interview.

Gotta love the interwebs. :-p

Anonymous said...

and...we finished our ride that day stopping for beers at the exact same cafe, Tiago's local establisment. Crazy huh?

He feels sorry he didn't notice you, obviously :)

Kristin Tieche said...

That is very coincidental! That was the very first time I visited Place Aligre (among my many visits to Paris). We had the most delicious Moroccan mint tea at that cafe.

Tiago said...

I deed KT, the "thé à la Menthe" at the Plenty it's a famous house speciallity... I'm still suprised with this "coincidental"...

Kristin Tieche said...

Eh ben, oui! Quelle surprise! J'ai adoré faire du vélo à Paris!