lindy hop

Sunday in the Park - what a cliché, but what a treat.

On Sundays the Park is closed to automobile traffic, and so cyclists and pedestrians get a chance to stop and check out some of the cool goings-on that one might not catch if whizzing by in a car. Like the free Lindy Hop dance party that happens at noon every Sunday near the DeYoung.

My pal Marisol was getting a kick out of all the kicks on the dancefloor.

And so was this tweed-coated woman snapping pics!

I think this little pink bike is a little too little for this lady in the background. What do you think?! ;-)


Unknown said...

Lindy in the Park has been going on for just over ten years. Hep Jen is the instructor who'll give a free lesson early on every Sunday session. I've logged many an afternoon there ever since the days we danced on the stage in the bandshell......Joe

Anonymous said...

Great spot. There's also Lindy on Sproul on Sproul Plaza of the UC Berkeley campus (Bancroft and Telegraph) every Saturday from about noon to 2 pm, for all of you East Bay-ers. Swing out! h.