Praça do Ciclista

Wouldn't it be a kick if Justin Herman Plaza, the birthplace of Critical Mass, was officially renamed Cyclist Plaza by the city of San Francisco?

Praça do Ciclista 6
Such is the case in São Paulo. Because of the growing popularity among Paulistas of the Bicicletada, their city did just that. Praça do Ciclista is where SP cyclists congregate for political demonstrations and organized rides.

São Paulo is a city that feels blocked.
our city is tired

Support the Bicicletada!
support the bicicletada

It's a city where citizens plead for more love, less cars...
more love less cars 2

and for revolution.
Praça do Ciclista 4

It could be a place where biking puts a smile on your face, instead of where drivers are sourly stuck in gridlock.
Praça do Ciclista 1

Replace each car with one bike.
Each motorist with one cyclist.
Praça do Ciclista 10

Now, here's a beautiful vision for a livable city. I was informed that SF muralist Mona Caron came here. Maybe she painted one of these bikes.
Praça do Ciclista 8

Leave tire-prints wherever your bike takes you. Cast long visible shadows, and may they permanently leave a mark. And may all our cities acknowledge the movement that's taking over our planet.
white shadow


Fourier said...


Viva las bicis!!!

Back to SP??

Felipe Aragonez

Kristin Tieche said...

Oi Felipe!

Yes, I would love to come back to SP... more posts to come. Glad you're enjoying these.

Tutu said...

Hi Kristin, nice post!
I'm from Brazil and started to follow the guys from bicicletada a few weeks ago!
The things are changing and I'm think that in a few years (maybe when the traffic jam stop the city), the citizens will give more value to the bicycles...!

Kristin Tieche said...

Obrigada, Arthur! I hope things get better in SP! I would love to come back and do a Bicicletada with you all one day!

Ride on!

Julz said...

Gosh! I love the idea of being able to bike in SP. The traffic is crazy ... :P
I love my country, but I am happy where I am. However I really hope that one day to be able to go home and to bike everywhere.

Kristin Tieche said...

Julz - if you dream it, it will come! I have faith that eventually all this political pressure from bike advocacy groups will cause infrastructure to change in places like SP and around the globe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great, loved the post Kristen, try to come to Brazil on Sept 22th!

World Car Free Day, trully wild!

Renata Falzoni

Álvaro Diogo said...


Nice post, nice photos, nice blog!

From now I'll follow theis blog ;)

Bicicletada-SP riding all the world. Great job!

Go bike!

Kristin Tieche said...

Hi Renata, Sep 22? My goodness, let me try to squeeze in another trip!

@ Alvaro - welcome to Vélo Vogue! Come by anytime!

Go Bike!