Vogue Around the Globe

Bethnal Green rush hour 6
Photo and words by ibikelondon of London, England

I think this must be the best 'cycle chic' style photo I have taken so far with my new camera - I love how stylish her red coat looks against the anonymous sheen of the windscreens behind her.

IMG_2095 cross legged illusion
Photo and words by Xander N'Dante of Toronto, Canada

It was the Schwinn that caught my eye, but is she riding cross legged?

GUM @ Curitiba Cycle Chic - O desfile.
Photo and words by gumgogum of Curitiba, Brazil

Apresentando a novo coleção Primavera-Verão 2010 - I Scream - Everybody scream for Ice Cream.

Lorena beatriz com Shorts listrado + Camiseta Banana Split + Casquete flores amerelas e brancas.

Photo and words by Julz of New Zealand

Sunday afternoon in New Zealand with my Lady Jane.

Photo and words by bilobicles

Santiago, capital de la bicicleta en latinoamérica.


Christa said...

Lovely mix. I want to cycle all these places!

ibikelondon said...

Thanks for using my pic. Wow, this post is like a little beautiful tour of the world by bike. Great pictures, stylish people, livable streets - let's hope this is the future!

Kristin Tieche said...

@Mark, thanks for sharing your pic. I share your hope that this is the future of the world!