Bike Wardrobe Remix: Rad Rider Round Up

Here are a few recent favorites from the Bike Wardrobe Remix group. Submit your pictures, because we want to see what you are wearing while riding the best machine ever.

Cycling to work
Sibad, in a suit on a Brompton over the (big)pond

A Mixed Bag 2
La Petite Gamine and her levitating city bike

Boboniaa is cute as ever and prepared for town or track


Lady Vélo said...

Oooh - fantastic styles there indeed! Love, love this - have some pictures that I will submit soon to you - other than the one on my blog, I have to stick some on Flickr!

Lady Vélo.

Ramona Wheelright said...

can't wait to see you and the Princess, Lady Velo! If you're not into Flickr, you can email me photos too @ ramona dot wheelright at gmail dot com. Just put bike wardrobe remix in the subject so I know what it's about.

Lady Vélo said...

@ Ramona: I'll be working on more pics this weekend when I head out with the Princess and my Camera! Will send them your way asap - be honoured to be included in the Wardrobe Remix :)

Lady Vélo.

Courtnee said...

Boboniaa is one of my favorites on wardrobe remix. I haven't checked it out in a looonngg time and I had no idea she was a cyclist. Cool!