Vogue around the Globe

Vera Velo #3
From the Netherlands by Daydreamer HQ. VV wonders who he's waiting for. ;-)

Lift, Midnight, Jacqueline, Happiness
From her European vacation by Lovely Bicycle. Très Nouvelle Vague!

Cocktail Party
Chi-town class from letsgorideabike. Gorgeous stilettos daaaahling!

2010-03-23 grey-blue with bike
From Germany by Kasmeneo. Way to rock the long skirt!

Jessica with her Dawes Galaxy
From the U.K., of course, by AngloMex. Everyone loves a punk rock chick.

From the Netherlands by iMalfet. Que sexy!

From Los Angeles by Cosmoblue. LA is looking good in plaid, and what a smile!


Lady Vélo said...

Nice selection :)

kfg said...

Things I get; long skirts. I have the legs for short skirts and don't mind showing them (I put in my roadie years in lycra), but a long skirt will always have a certain elegance and when made from a material with a soft hand have a wonderful flow.

And they're comfy, with an ability to be cool when it's hot out (you'll find long skirts for men are most common where the climate is tropical) and warm when it's cold (the whole glove vs. mitten thang).

Things I don't get; "Ladies" bikes that only drop the top tube a couple of inches to symbolize that it's a "Ladies" bike, but without providing any of the actual benefits of a drop tube/step through frame.

Velouria said...

Hey thanks for including me. I wish I were on vacation, but I live there - going back and forth between the US and Europe for work.

Kristin Tieche said...

@Velouria - not a bad gig going back and forth between Europe and the U.S. What's your job, may I ask?

Unknown said...

Dottie is just pure glamour!

MELI. said...

these are fab! global fabulousness :D cheers!