come out and play!

Apart from being a super-sunny gorgeous 75 degrees Fahrenheit afternoon, Sunday Streets in Bayview this past weekend was made for cyclists! It was hard for me to believe that I had never been on the Third Street bike lane before, and now, I will most certainly return.

Most of all I was happy to see so many children enjoying the car-free Third Street.

Look at how cool this kid on the chopper is... he's even got a girl on the back seat. Word. (Though I betcha it's his sister.)
kids bikes fun

And this pretty young thing perched gracefully on her mini dirt bike, taking a bite from her apple - swoon-worthy!
eating an apple

Happiness is as simple as this single white balloon. Car-free streets. Togetherness. Safety. Enjoyment.
ballon pink dog
And let's not forget the springtime sunshine. I wish Sunday Streets were every weekend.

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eva//evoluer said...

love it!!! makes me miss the city so much!