Sunday Best for Sunday Streets

The ladies were lookin' good at the most recent Sunday Streets in Bayview.

It's blue on blue for Caz of London Cycle Chic and Shelly of Riding Pretty.
Caz + Shelly

Pushing the chic envelope forward while pushing her son's bike. And blonde is always chic.
Sunday Street Chic

Spring has brought skirts and dresses and bare legs, as well the new line of PUBLIC Bikes, the Orange Mixte seen here.
Sunday Best for Sunday Streets

No need for helmets or hats when you're leisurely cruising in the sunshine. Just let your hair go free and ride on!
Sunday Street Chic


Unknown said...

Gorgeous & stylin'!

Kay | Postcard Specs said...

That's a lot of pretty people on bike :) I used to ride bikes when I was younger, but now I think I can't anymore :(

Kristin Tieche said...

@Kay - why not ride? what are your reasons?