Bike Wardrobe Remix: Wear it on Wheels

bwr loves this shot by Julz
Out and about shoes 
Shoes - Shinny aubergine leather, with red leather and fabric appliqué flowers, by Grosby


San Francisco Milliner
milliners make hats!
Tricia of House of Nines design wears
Coat- vintage
Boots- La Canadienne
Pants: H&M
Hat: Her own leather riding cap
Bike: Manta Ray!


A completely Gratuitous Self Portrait by J. Benlin Lee
A Completely Gratuitous Self-Portrait for Bike Wardrobe Remix
/ Nitto cycling cap
/ Red Dockers polo
/ Black Zara trousers
/ 2009 Raleigh, fixed

bwr loves LO:Ci (and her blog
Setting off_Sunday cycling
with yummy picnic in the basket.

bike wardrobe remix:
dress: People Tree
shoes: rocket dog pumps
pashmina silk & cotton: gift
cotton tights
handmade fair trade small satchel red bag
bike: Pashley Sovereign Princess

Mr. Cupcake
wardrobe colorful
bike also


Oranges and Apples Unknackered
10.4.10: brown and green
From Saturday, worn for my first proper bike ride of the year. I was expecting to be much more knackered than I was, I'm obviously not quite as unfit as I thought!

This one's 100% thrifted:
shirt - surf themed vintage shop in williamsburg
cords and shoes - charity shops

Adrienne Johnson between rainy days
It Was Sunny That Day
Shrug- Sheila Moon
Tee- Target
Belt- Fossil / Hip Bag- Five & Diamond
Skirt- Brooks Brothers
Shoes- Emma Hope's Shoes
Bike- The Bat


Spencer and Libo
Going out for a quick ride with Libo.
Me: Sperry, New Standard, Pendleton.
Libo: stick.
bike: fixed in pdx.


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Velouria said...

Fabulous cycling shoes in the first picture!

LO:Ci said...

Happy week end to all! My be filled with fun cycling! L x

She Rides a Bike said...

Great fashion report.