Rock and Ride: NPR's Urban Cyclist Music Playlist

Check out these beats that NPR picked for urban bikers!

As of today's writing, my ever-evolving list would include the following (a classic|eclectic mix):

1. Wide Eyes/Local Natives
2. Black Dog/Led Zeppelin
2. Ring My Bell/Anita Ward
3. How Do You Like Me Now?/The Heavy
4. Handshakes/Metric
5. Many Moons/Janelle Monáe

quicker than a ray of light!

Now I wonder what the calitexican was listening to the afternoon I caught her rockin' the Panhandle?

And you (yes, all of you)! What would be on your urban cycling playlist?


Anonymous said...

In no particular order (and a very small selection of a mass of great tunes):

Muse - Starlight

Radiohead - Reckoner

Björk - Who is it?

The Cardigans - Live and Learn

Feist - 1234

Yokota Fritz said...

My selection of corny bike themed tunes. :-)

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, guys, for your music selections!

@Yokota - will listen to your mix when I'm at home!

Any other would-be dj's out there want to weigh in?

Hernán said...

This is my selection of bike related songs

Kristin Tieche said...

Hola Hernan! Thanks for sharing your list of bike songs! I'm glad to see you've joined the cycle chic blogosphere! I need to visit B.A. pronto!

Hernán said...

Hola Kristin
Well, you were pretty close. I followed your brazilian holiday in Vélo Vogue. Yes, I've joined the cycle chic sphere, inspired both by Mr Cycle Chic himself and your own blog!

Kristin Tieche said...

I did get to Argentina on my trip - but only Puerto Iguazú, and the Cataratas! I'll be following Cycle Chic Argentina style on your blog then, and hopefully visit in 2011!

MELI. said...

it is quite ironic that i work for itunes and i dont carry headphones with me. im too amused with the sounds of the city. have never been an headphone person - watsoever

but love it when people are into it. <3 nice list girlfriend!!


Kristin Tieche said...

@meli - In the music video in my mind, Ring My Bell feels like your theme song (Mine would be Black Dog).