we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue

LA - the land of the eternal summer.
Venice 03-28-10

Orange on orange on Electric Avenue!
Electric Orange

Sunny day! Bikey day! Doggie day! Happy day!
Venice 03-28-10

Heading to the beach in mid-Spring to start working on that base tan.
Venice 03-28-10

Running into friends eating brunch at the corner greasy spoon and having a stop and chat. That's what Sundays are for. :-)
Venice 03-28-10

Most photos taken by Branislav Gjorcevski with my Lumix.


eva//evoluer said...

I know the orange bike! and I do mean the bike & not the rider. It is a Felt Claire cruiser and sooooo cute in real life!

You must check it out close up : http://www.feltbicycles.com/USA/2010-Product-Catalog/CRUISER/WOMEN-S/CLAIRE-3-SPEED.aspx


Kristin Tieche said...

That is one gorgeous orange bike! No wonder she wanted to coordinate her clothing to match it!