every girl loves a Giant

Baseball, anyone?
hows about some baseball?
I'm a sportsfan. A Giants fan to be particular.

I love our ballpark. It's downtown, easy to get to by public transportation...

Valet Bike Parking at the Ballpark
AND we even have free Valet Bike Parking (as you may know by now).

Giants Fan!
I love our fans - laid-back but sometimes wild San Franciscans just being themselves. The game will speak for itself. We simply enjoy having a fancy beer and watching our orange and black team kick ass.

Very cool Giants fan
And look - I'm not the only chick who likes a ballgame!

Harajuku Lovers purse
Oh hai! Harajuku lovers purse!

Les Géants panda
My awesome t-shirt is a limited edition design from Upper Playground. Can't wait to see what unique Giants tees they come up with this year!


MELI. said...

yay for sports. huge sports fan myself - cant wait to go to the game with ya girl

Kristin Tieche said...

We are on for the 14th! Vamos Gigantes!

Sports on a whole new level!