VV Profile: .nobi


Name: .nobi



Current city/Neighborhood: NYC

Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world:

Helmet or no helmet: ride it raw!

Type of bike:
Dahon Eco

Describe what you like best about your bike:
Ease to fold and get on train

Describe your urban cycling experience: The big difference between Paris and NYC is that in Paris pedestrians and cars (somewhat) respect the cyclist...in NYC they sometimes go out of their way to knock you over and pedestrians use the bike path as an extension of the sidewalk and give you the stink eye (and don't move) if you dare ring your bell

Favorite time and/or place to ride: Paris - Alongside the Seine at any time . NYC - 8th ave

Artist most commonly played on iPod at the moment:
Mixed Arabic artists compilation gotten on Egypt trip

Tell us a mysterious and intriguing story that happened to you on your bike:
Well just like in the movies...was biking down 8th and this woman flings open her car door, if not for my good brakes i almost went over the hood... weirdest part is that she just stared at me like i inconvenienced her by daring to be on the same road without any horsepower under my butt! (which could segway to another story but i digress)

Describe your personal style:
Urban Cowboy meets Nerd Jock

Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Your brakes are your friend. Love them.