Soraya and Sebastiaan

Kicking off our series of Bike Wardrobe Remix Photo Booth shots from the Disposable Film Festival's bike-in movie are Soraya and Sebastiaan from MyDutchBike.com.   Soraya lent us a Bakfiets, long john style, cargo bike (pictured here) to haul our lighting equipment to the event.  Thank you!


Unknown said...

Kristin and Ramona, You were both a pleasure to meet and work with. Keep doing a great job!!!! Thanks for the pictures. I will be watching out for the "retrovelo shoes"! : )

Kristin Tieche said...

Oh yeah - Sebastiaan has got the LOOK!

Ramona Wheelright said...

soraya,thanks so much for letting us test the bakfiets! what a great ride. its so great to have mydutchbike.com in san francisco. you and the family and the shop are an urban cycling asset.