the greatest défilé on two wheels - Critical Mass pt. 1

Cicloactivistas Vanessa and Leandro from São Paulo were in town and the April 30th Critical Mass was on their Must-Do List. So I joined them (quite unlike KT to pass up a good party), as did Holly (a.k.a. Filmmaker for Change) and Ravi from Venice Beach. And SF put on its best show for my visitors!

Once again, Critical Mass did not disappoint. We saw it all.

Cute girls...

blue boa

glittery blue legged woman 1

awesome pink lady back

hot dudes...
hot dude on cargo bike

bros on bikes

and nudies!

No fun without naked

Vanessa was compelled to bust out the SP nude bike calendar and show these guys what Brazilian bikers are made of.

Vanessa shows off her stuff

And DON'T MISS the Disposable Film Festival's Bike-In Movie at the Good Hotel TONIGHT!

Vélo Vogue will be there with a Bakfiets from My Dutch Bike doing portraits, live tweeting/blogging and just lending our party spirit to the evening!


Dottie said...

Wow...there certainly is a lot going on in San Fran!

Kristin Tieche said...

There sure is, Dottie. Come out and ride with us soon! xoxo