heroes of bicycle fashion

When I tell people I have a blog about bicycle fashion, I usually must explain that it's really about being fashionable on your bicycle. But they still don't get it. People always ask if I show people wearing lycra and fluorescent colors.

People. PLEASE.

Personally, I have started choosing clothing by imagining how awesome they will look when I'm on my bike - a new definition of bike-friendly apparel.

Case in point - these flowy pants on a girl in Barcelona.
A peu i en bici
by Bart Omeu

Walking in these pantalons just wouldn't do them justice. You gotta see the breeze.

And here I am in my new purple blouse.
When I saw it on the rack in a shop on Haight Street, I knew that it had to get on the rouge et noir aussitôt que possible. Just looking at it now, I can feel the air flowing through me!

And while we're on the color purple...
by we are photo

If you're going to go for cycling gloves, how about some sexy petite purple leather gloves that match your lilac scarf as it flows behind you in your tailwind (and once again, riding across cobblestones in high heels is much more graceful than walking).

It's all about bold statements. Cycle chic from Santiago - the long hooded cape.
Polainas invernales
by Quiltro Elemento

You only need about 5 mph to get some air underneath that one, and she'll become the superhero of the bike lane, flying to her destination.

Oh... wait, maybe SHE's the superhero:
New Green Bike Lanes for SF Bike to Work Day
by jay_dagar

Dress up. Get on your bike. We can be heroes.


Anonymous said...

...and not just for one day! :)

Kristin Tieche said...


eva said...

I usually get a blank stare when I give them the same 'bicycle fashion' description of my blog! I usually follow it with - "how to ride you bike and look chic while doing it" haha

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, all of them! When I bike around town in a skirt or flippy dress, I do kind of stick out - but I'm just showin'em the way, baby! I keep hoping to see other women wearing pretty clothes - so far, nothing, but I'm keeping on keeping on. After all, summer is here and I have a closetful of flowy clothes to show the world.

Kristin Tieche said...

@ eva & anon - yes! Keep on showing the way!

Find your flow!

Loving the Bike said...

Thanks for another great post. Just like with regular fashion there are so many options and styles when it comes to bicycle fashion. Good job on educating those people.