maman à pedicab

Mona is my mom. My first memories of riding a bike were in the child's seat on the back of her blue Schwinn. She used to take me on rides at Blackie's Pasture and along the Tiburon Bike Path and in Mill Valley along Richardson Bay.
kt & mom go for pedicab ride
On Mothers Day, my mom and I had brunch at The Plant on the Embarcadero. Afterward, we strolled down to Tcho to taste some chocolate, and then grabbed a pedicab back to the Ferry Terminal so she could catch her boat back to Marin.

kt & mom go for pedicab ride
It was the first SF pedicab ride for the both of us!

To honor my mom on this special day, I documented her sweet commentary, so you can all enjoy the ride with us!

My mom also told me that when she gets back from her vacation, she is going to get a bike! Yay, mom! Time to bust out your outfits, and maybe we'll see more of you on VV!

Any suggestions for the perfect bike for Mona?


Pangolin said...

Well, the bike I got for my mom for her 70th birthday was an Electra 3spd cruiser. She lives up here in Chico CA on the flats. Of course, full car-freedom demands a look at the Xtracycle Radish for simplicity of load handling on grocery runs I, myself, ride a Townie/Xtracycle hybrid with mustache bars for style and function; great bike.

For sheer class you can't beat the Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i, a dutch-style mixte with an internal 8 spd shifter, rack and skirt guard. Cost is no object gets a vote for a Retrovelo with Fat Frank tires for a comfy ride. If she's on a hill maybe a pre-built electric hybrid like the Giant Twist Express would be a good idea.

It's all about matching the bike to the rider which you already know. Call around to her local bike shops to see what's available and schedule a bike shopping day.

Chico Bike Music Festival, June 5th, 2010; come on up.

Lynn said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1970's Schwinn Suburbans. If she started you off on a blue Schwinn, why not go back to her roots? You can pick them up all the time on craigslist for a good price.

Kristin Tieche said...

Yeah, I got my Rouge et Noir on CL, will have to keep my eyes peeled for another royal blue Schwinn!

She is having a significant birthday in August (will not announce the number without asking her if that's ok), so a birthday bike for Mom is a great idea!

Dottie said...

Awesome! Makes me miss my mom.