got a case of the mondays? hot dudes to the rescue!

Hot h/air!
Pakphum Poosa art AKA "Toon"

Xander is Hot.
Xander N'Dante/Toronto

Hot tats & trix.
Dominik Nekolný, 360 Barflip in Hang 5
Matěj Švadlena/Prague

Hands-free and Hot.
hands free hot dude
One of mine!/"I like this."

Hot local goodness!
11240 Smiling Neal with cargo bike at Heron’s Head Park

A British sense of humor is Hot.
Tweed Ride London Apr 10  (285)
Funny Cyclist/London

Every girl's crazy 'bout Hot!
Frank in a snazzy B Spoke Tailor suit

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eva said...

you ladies make me laugh! not that the guys in the pictures are something to laugh at [more like drool over] - but the premise of this post is fantastic! could be useful every day of the week!

Kristin Tieche said...

Vélo Vogue - also useful for a daily dose of therapy.

I quite like the dudes myself!