Guest Photo: Eva/Evoluer & Cycle Chic Sundays

Cycle Chic Sunday's

Eva, founder of the totally cool blog Evoluer and one of our readers, told me about how she and a group of stylish SoCal ladies have put together a group ride called Cycle Chic Sundays. Here are some pics from the event:

Yowza! A group like that is bound to stop traffic!

Here's what Eva had to say about the ride:

Sunday April 25th marked the first official Cycle Chic Sundays ride. We went on a casual 8 mile loop through Costa Mesa & Santa Ana. We took a lunch break at The CAMP where there were several Earth Day festivities happening. Everyone had a really good time and we are looking forward to continuing Cycle Chic Sundays every weekend!

Looks like you ladies had lots of fun, some great weather and lotsa style! Ride on!


Oldfool said...

To mingle in that biker gang would be such exquisite torture.

eva//èvoluer said...

thanks for the luv and support! I can't wait till we bring CycleChic Sundays to SF!! yeaoowww!

Kristin Tieche said...

Sounds fun, Eva. I'm in!