The Bakfiets Experience: Form & FUNction!

Look at how HOT this ride is!
KT Bakfiets @ Gasser
And guess what, it's totally utilitarian! I cruised along Market Street from Soraya's shop to Adolph Gasser to pick up a lighting kit for our photo booth at the DFF.

Let me provide answers to your questions up front:

A: The Bakfiets is easy to ride and maneuver through traffic.
A: The heavy load in front doesn't bog you down. Steering was quite easy, once you get the hang of making wide turns.
A: The Bakfiets has 8 gears and you can stylishly ride at a normal speed.
A: The Bakfiets turns heads.

Look! I didn't just pose with it. I rode it! Self-portrait in window of the W. Hotel (where King Mikael stayed during his last SF visit - sniff!)
KT Bakfiets reflection
Tow truck avec tow bike.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video ought to be worth a million.

The Bakfiets delivered me to the Good Hotel safe and sound, along with my cargo. Thanks to My Dutch Bike, our Photo Booth was shining bright!

When all was said and done, we got to play around in the FUNfiets.
Fun in the Bakfiets

Dan Nguyen-Tan demonstrates the many uses of this functional bike.
Fun in the Bakfiets

Ms. Wheelright was not only carted around for show, but rode the Bakfiets home and will now offer us her very own Bakfiets Experience.
Ramona in the Bakfiets

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