¡Viva España + SF + Africa!

My Spain outfit was much more Friday night than my France outfit.
Viva Espana Panda

See what I'm talkin about?
KT at Secession SF

I met Ms. Wheelright at a gallery party at Secession SF - fashion + dj's + urban art = cool. I love my city!
Secession SF

This shorty was the coolest chick there.
Cool artsy girl

Ms. Wheelright and I hightailed it over to Coffee Bar to make our reservations for dinner at the nomadic restaurant Radio Africa & Kitchen [yum].

Ramona says, "This is how we do it!" to all y'all who have NOT submitted your bike to bar pics yet! ;-)
Ramona Wheelright at Coffee Bar

My pal dj Goyo was spinning some rare Afro beats and was dressed to the nines on the first day of World Cup.
kt & goyo in World Cup colors!
Summer 2010 is off to a great start!

And for your viewing pleasure:


Unknown said...

Damn, I miss the Coffee Bar. Have fun!

Ramona Wheelright said...

that was fun! thanks for the good time KT.