Bike Wardrobe Remix: Bike Beauties

Here's another Bike Wardrobe Remix fashion round up.   Real people looking real good on their bikes. Contribute your photo here, and don't forget about the Bike to Bar photo contest, entries accepted through June 30th, 2010.    We'll be posting a B2B preview later today!

Julie Mack
growing in numbers.
jacket: uo, giftmas, remix'd
dress: modcloth, giftmas, remix'd—one of my favorite items.
camisole: target, remix'd
leggings: aa, remix'd
sandals: aldo, remix'd
headband: aa
bike: electra amsterdam

Rare Treasure
vintage dress,
norwegian wood harness,
vintage shoes.
ol' ccm bike given new life!

From n6tlc
Beautiful Brompton Bride
I'll LOVE YOU FOREVER ! Sir Brommie
'Til Death do us Part !
Bridal Shoot
Azusa California
Bromton folding bike[as props and stand in for groom]
Portable Building with Red Wall
Beautiful Bride to Be

Bike by the Sea
Christa by the sea
scarf: thrift
tunic: lovebird
leggings: white house black market
sweater: gift

Suit- Vintage Pierre Cardin
Shirt- Western
Shoes- Shelltops
Pin- Russian Fish in Babushka scarf
Bike- Ira Ryan, handbuilt in Portland- a gift! from his girlfriend.
going to work in San Francisco


cb said...

love the first outfit remix and her bike! i love seeing ladies ride bikes in skirts/ dresses...i feel it inspires people who wouldn't normally ride a bike...to ride a bike and that you can do so looking great and have one less car on the rode!

Kristin Tieche said...

Wihoo, CB!!! That's the whole idea! Send us your fab pics!

Christa said...

Yeah, I'm on Velo Vogue!! Thanks for sharing. :)

julie mack said...

Thanks for including my photo with all these other lovely shots. No one rides their bicycle much around here (Orange County, CA—just moved here from Chicago) so I am really thankful for the internet and seeing other rides their bicycles in normal clothes!

I do feel compelled to say that I did not ride in those shoes. They're just way too tall to pedal in.