The Bakfiets Experience. Period.

Enough said.  The bakfiets is an experience we should all take part in.   The bakfiets is a Long John style cargo bike which according to longjohn.org is a two-wheeled cargo bike with the load area between the steering tube and front wheel.  The site doesn't clarify who designed the first long john, but does attribute a Danish company with first manufacturing the bike in the 1940's.  One thing is for sure, long john cargo bikes haul ass, and then some, and the modern editions handle like a dream.

Thanks to MyDutchBike.com, I had the privilege of riding a bakfiets home, loaded (the bike not me),  after KT and I finished the Vélo Vogue Bike Wardrobe Remix photo booth at the Disposable Film Festival.  I had to figure out a way to get the photo booth equipment AND my bike home too, but with a huge cargo box I knew it wouldn't be a thing.

 copper panda

Loading the bakfiets was cake and it took about 15 seconds to adjust to riding, the 8-speed nexus hub was perfect even with a little incline, handling was smooth enough that I could ride one handed and snap photos of myself, getting the bike on and off the kick stand was a breeze, and if I could afford it, I'd stock my bike garage with a bakfiets today.  Experience the feat of engineering that is this bike.  Get on a bakfiets, find a load to carry, GO!