Rainy Return

I was sitting around at home the other night, comfortable and lazy, when KT called and convinced me to leave my living room and come have a couple of beers with her and a friend. The story of the evening will come out in good time, but I thought I would share the last half an hour of it with you. It wasn't rain, but it was really wet fog the whole way home and so I arrived at my front door, at 1:30 AM, a bit drippy.

Rain, Flash

It was dry when I left for the bar and I dressed accordingly- cute skirt, strappy sandals, sleeveless pullover.

Rain Gear

Turns out cork wedges are good for the rain. Who knew?


soraya nasirian said...

Adrienne, you are a trooper. Riding in true dutch style! Thanks for your advice on how to carry my omafiets up stairs...lets just say its getting easier!!!

Otto Cilindri said...

Like Ivory Soap, "it floats!" I suppose.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Soraya- It really is a technique, isn't it? Glad it is getting easier!

Tinker- Haven't tried floating with either the shoes or the bike yet : )

Velouria said...

That first picture is absolutely gorgeous, wow! Without rain or fog, there would not be such beautiful moments.